Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Store opens in Anchorage with a splash!

We were fairly sure that the people of Anchorage would take fondly to our concept when we signed on Brent & Vickie Rose to open in the 5th Ave Mall.  But following the first two weeks of business, our heads are spinning as to how much Alaskans love Oil & Vinegar!  After opening on November 1st, the store has been packed with customers every day.  At this rate, we may well have our top performing store a year from now.

Now,  more about our newest franchise owners in Alaska and a peek at their beautiful store.


Name:   Brent and Vickie Rose                                                  
Opening Date:  November 1, 2012                                                        
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Phone Number:  907-333-4982                                               

How did you learn about the brand?

We actually learned about Oil & Vinegar from our oldest daughter, who discovered the store while living in London for an internship. She had taken a day trip to Bath and found the store there. She immediately called home and told us we absolutely had to see this store.

When we went to England to visit her, we took the train to Bath and fell in love. We bought a bunch of product and, upon our return, did some research to see if there were any locations in the United States. We discovered the location in Bellevue, Washington, and started a conversation with Matt Stermer to see how we could become part of the concept.

What was appealing to you about joining the Oil & Vinegar franchise system?

We have been interested ever since visiting the location in Bath. Vickie has always loved to cook and has wanted to start some sort of food-related business for a long time. Originally, Vickie wanted to have her own restaurant or catering business, but that is a lot more work than we wanted to get into on our own.

Matt let us know that franchise opportunities were available, so we took the information and kind of filed it away so we could talk about the idea. We started to get very serious about the idea of opening our own Oil & Vinegar in Anchorage. With the support from the corporate side, it was the perfect way for us to still do something food-related and operate our own business. The concept of Oil & Vinegar is inspired by cooking and we now get to share that with the community.

What makes your business different?

We actually met each other while working at McDonalds. I (Brent) had managed a location for 5 years – Vickie did the same, focusing more on accounting and lower-level management. We believe since we each have that management experience while operating in a franchise, we have a better insight into this business and hope to make it a success.

What challenges have you overcome to get where you are now?

Financing a new business is always a challenge, so there were some hurdles we needed to get over and that took several months, but other than that, nothing really stopped us.

Do you see any parallels between your previous work and now?

Again, our experience working at McDonalds will come in handy with this new business of ours.

What are your expansion or development plans?

For now, we are going to focus on getting our first location in Anchorage up and running. With our location, we will be catering to both the greater Anchorage area as well as the bush communities with our mail order side. In Alaska, this is actually better than opening another location, as many areas tend to be remote.

We will be located at the 5th Avenue Mall, which is right between two convention centers and the military base, so we hope to see lots and lots of traffic at our store.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or passions?

We have a small airplane that we love to fly on the weekends! We also love cross country skiing and snowshoeing.