Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Localizing On-line Shopping

Consumers have been clamoring for Oil & Vinegar to make our international flavors available on-line. Replicating the experience of taste and smell one gets when shopping in a store, is of course a challenge over the internet. Wait no more, a selection of Oil & Vinegar products are now available to purchase on-line at www.oilandvinegarusa.com.

Considering Oil & Vinegar is a franchise chain with 100% independently-owned and operated franchise locations in the USA, a critical priority for the design of the new e-commerce solution was to allow the store owners to maintain their existing customer relationships as well as foster new relationships in their local territories. “We designed the on-line shopping solution with not only the consumer in mind, but also our franchise owner interests. Our goal was to ensure that the franchise owner would be able to capitalize on the sales opportunities presented from on-line shopping, without being burdened with the administration of a website.” Explains CEO Matt Stermer.

The new e-commerce system allows the consumer to enter the US website and select which store they would like to shop on-line with. Essentially, each Oil & Vinegar franchise location has their own website and allows that store owner to seamlessly manage and service the on-line purchase while the HQ maintains the product catalog and other content. “We strongly believe that the consumer experience and relationship with the brand it critical. A big part of that relationship with the brand is the interaction and loyalty that has been fostered by a local store owner and their staff. Therefore, allowing the consumer, no matter where they live in the US, to continue to be serviced "on-line" by that specific store is the only way we would have it work.”

In addition to one-line shopping, the new site incorporates a recipe module highlighting interesting dishes one can created using Oil & Vinegar products. Future planned enhancements to the site include a wedding registry and custom gift basket creation capabilities.

Oil & Vinegar is a specialty retail franchise with corporate Headquarters in the Netherlands and over 70 store locations worldwide. There are currently six franchise stores in the USA located in Washington, Texas, Montana, Virginia and South Carolina. Plans are to bring on 6-8 new stores a year in various states across the country. For more information about franchise opportunities, please visit www.oilandvinegarfranchise.com or call Matt Stermer at (206) 285-0517.