Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Women Entrepreneurs-An influential Demographic

As the number of woman entrepreneurs grows throughout America, they are becoming a very influential sector in the marketplace with a valuable and powerful voice.

As a franchisor it is difficult to ignore this particular demographic, as consumers, franchisees, and corporate executives. Seventy-five percent of Oil & Vinegar’s International corporate office is made up of women, and the COO of the U.S. Division of Oil & Vinegar, Debbie Gokhan, is an integral part of our team. With so many female perspectives guiding our brand, we also have a great way to connect with women on a personal level.

When recruiting franchisees that fit the brand; selecting people who are passionate about your concept is a key differentiator. At Oil & Vinegar, we see that women show a strong passion for our concept; the atmosphere of the store, the products, the experience we offer to customers, and even the lifestyle we are able to provide translates into an offering that many women entrepreneurs find desirable.

Out of our five U.S. franchises, four of them are run by couples, where the women’s initial interest sparked their journey with Oil & Vinegar. It is a great business venture to enter into as a couple or even an entire family because it is a business opportunity that can be run together. Our Missoula franchisees are a family of four and all of them have a hands-on role in the business. It has been a great way for them to develop family bonds at the same time.

Woman entrepreneurs often unite in other venues, which makes them great brand ambassadors for our company. Debbie Gokhan, COO and Chicago franchisee, connects with women in her community whenever the opportunity presents itself through networking, community groups, women events, and charity events. As a franchisee, getting involved is an extremely important part of achieving success in your local market and the network of women is a strong market to tap into as well as become a part of.

At Oil & Vinegar we believe it is critical to our success to recognize the relevant demographics which best fit our brand; we can conclude that the Oil & Vinegar concept connects with women on a business and a personal level. This is a powerful demographic segment for us and we spend equal time focusing our efforts on recruiting from this demographic as we do in others.